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Foaming Bug and Tar Remover

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  • Professional strength, clear coat safe technology
  • Tough on bugs, easy on paint & all exterior surfaces
  • Specialized Xtreme Cling Foam
  • Chemistry extends dwell time and rehydrates bugs for easier removal
  • Use before washing, or as needed in-between washes
  • Use with microfiber towel

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Meguiar’s Foaming Bug & Tar Remover contains specialized surfactants that rehydrate and loosen stuck bugs and softens tar, making removal a breeze! Our secret is our long-lasting Xtreme Cling foam. It allows for extended dwell time for the active foam to work its magic on tough bugs & tar. Use before regular washing, or alone as needed!

For good results, use with Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel to wipe off surfaces.


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