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Professional Pad Washer

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  • Conditions – De-lints wool pads.
  • Deep Cleans – Removes compound polish & wax residue.
  • Dries – Removes excess moisture.
  • Longevity- Extends the life of all buffing pads.
  • Versatile & Safe – For use with all Rotary, DA and Orbital Polishers.

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Meguiar’s Professional Pad Washer:

Cares – Removes lint from woolen soles.
Cleans in depth-Removes residues from cutting & polishing ointments and waxes.
Dries – Removes excess moisture.
Extends the life of all polishing sponges.
Versatile & Safe – For use with all rotary, DA cam and reciprocating oil feeders.

Add the necessary amount of water (see operating manual).
Place the sponge or pad inside the Meguiar’s Pad Washer (WPW) and close the splash guard.
To use a rotary greaser, set to low speed (speed 1000rpm).
To use DA cam greaser set to medium speed.
Put the tool forward and operate with the safety mesh in full compression for 10-15 seconds.
To dry the bottom, lift the tool and let it spin lightly on the Meguiar’s Grit guard safety mesh for 10 seconds. For additional drying, place the Grit guard Agitation Dome over the splash guard and turn against the bottom for another 10 seconds.
Always keep the splash guard closed to avoid exposure to flying objects.
Always wear the necessary personal protective equipment.
When using the Meguiar’s Pad Washer (WPW) with corded power tools, always use a Ground Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).


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