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Surface Prep 1 Gallon

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  • Surface Prep: Spray & wipe to prepare surface for paint correction, touch-up paint, or coatings
  • Reveals True Surface: Reveals true paint condition for defect inspection during paint correction
  • Quick and Easy to Use: Quickly remove dust, polishing oils & compound residue for maximum bonding
  • Safe Formulation: Body shop safe formula and won’t swell or stain paint
  • Cost Effective: Ready-to-use and cost-effective inspection spray

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Meguiar’s M122 Surface Prep was specially formulated with professional detailers in mind. It equips them with a pro-grade inspection spray that delivers maximum performance yet is still cost-effective. M122’s versatility shines in that it functions as a safe-yet-effective pre-paint correction step. It removes contaminants that otherwise may clog your pads, an inspection spray during paint correction and as a final surface prep before applying a coating.

M122 also acts as a lubricating agent that will quickly & safely remove all compound and polishing residue and oils – revealing the true surface condition. This is the ideal product to use safely strip the surface and leave the finish completely bare so you can obtain maximum adhesion for ceramic coatings or touch-up paint. This ready-to-use formula isn’t heavy in solvents, is body shop safe and is uniquely formulated. It won’t swell or stain paint making it safer to use than pure isopropyl alcohol. Labeled, OSHA-compliant secondary bottle (M20122) is also available for easy handling and identification.


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